After a fair bit of encouragement [read heckling] from some pals, I booked Friday off and headed down to Global Gathering in Stratford-on-Avon last weekend… As far as ideas go, it was aces and squares!

Global kicked ass for many reasons:
1. Good music
2. Camping is fun
3. Costumes
4. The atmosphere was awesome
5. Last but not least, the English summer was in blatant existence

There were plenty of people around feeling the love, and the camaraderie between campers was tangible… We made friends with loads of our campsite neighbours, and you couldn’t help but make friends walking around… truly a global gathering, I met people from Ireland, Spain, Jamaica, Australia and even a few Americans and Canadians, there.

I’m not going to wax on about the camaraderie and atmosphere like some aging hippie, however, instead I’ll move on swiftly on to the top three acts/arenas that I think deserve special mention:

Top 3 acts/arenas

    1. David Rodigan

A legend all on his own, Rodigan lived up to his status with a well-crafted and energetic set, which he ended by introducing us to a brand new dancehall ‘riddim’ and with some great reggae music.

    1. Steve Angello

What can I say? Immediately following Jag Skills, Steve Angello’s set was party time! If I was a member of the Jersey Shore cast, I’d be able to expound on that by defining the stages of ‘fist-pumping’ – the whole set was high energy and you couldn’t help but get into full body raving mode.

    1. Hospitality

For hosting the hottest tent I’ve ever been in in my life – and I mean that literally – it was 34 degrees inside!

True to form Hospitality’s tent was packed, no doubt due to a line-up which boasted the likes of Camo + Crooked, Danny Byrd, London Elektricity, High Contrast and more. The tunes, were sweet, the crowd was hyper… Hospitality definitely surpassed, not just my expectations, but those of my camping ‘neighbours’ as well.

Unfortunately, I never made it to the main arena on Saturday and was gutted to miss out on Yasmin’s afternoon set and Tinie Tempah, both of whom received rave reviews, from my fellow campers.

The People I Met
I was fortunate enough, however, to make the acquaintance of a few new interesting people, including:

Matt Zo – En route to LA after his 5:00 pm set in Group Therapy, Matt was lugging a suitcase, calm and collected, and a generally nice guy.

The boys from The Blu Mile, who were there to review the event.

A chef, who quit his job just to be there (now that’s dedication to the cause!)

And….The rudest guy in the whole world – I haven’t got pictures, they’d all be NSFW anyway as he went from wearing only pants (boxers to you non- Brits) to nothing at all at various stages during the weekend. I probably can’t tell you what he said without being fired for posting that level of profanity online, but I can tell you that his *ahem* character was a great addition to the whole Global experience.
Bring on Global 2012!

This post is by Believe Digital Social Media Manager, Shanni Elcock, @shandogspeaks