Winners of the 2010 Zimbalam Surface Unsigned Festival (now the Surface Unsigned Festival), Great Imitation, will be representing the UK on the International Stage at the 2011 Sziget Festival in Budapest, later this month.

UK Comedy Rap Group Great Imitation


Great Imitation, are a four piece from Leicestershire, with the unique goal of making rap middle class. Known for giving wild and energetic performances, the band entered last year’s Surface Unsigned Festival, with a view to getting more live performance experience.

Currently, Zimbalam’s Featured Artist, the band released their new double-sided single ‘Bittersweetheartattacks/The Tao of Polite Crunk’ on 24 July, 2011, along with a video for The Tao of Polite Crunk.

Our summer intern, Jess Boyer, caught up with Ryan and James of Great Imitation recently to interview them and find out what makes Great Imitation tick. Here’s what she found out.

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