We’ve already told you that this Saturday the good folks over at Hospital Records will be riding from London to Brighton to raise money for mental health charity, MIND. The 50 mile bike ride is to be undertaken by Hospital staff and friends, as well as DJ Tomahawk, who will also be spinning at Hospitality Brighton that night.

We’re blogging about it again to congratulate them, because they’ve already reached their £1,000 goal!

Borrowing from the inspirational quotes of the late Steve Jobs floating around the internet today ( mainly ”why settle?”) we decided to re-visit the topic and try to push all of our readers to donate, and help Hospital maximise their potential… they are riding 50 miles, after all!

So if you think that cycling the 50 miles from London to Brighton before putting on and performing at a club night is worth something (we certainly do), then donate!

And if you love Hospital Records, then sneak a peak at the UKF exclusive Album mix to Camo & Krooked’s newest album, out now!

For more information on MIND and why you should help Hospital with their cause, visit their website. And if that’s not enough, here’s the top three reasons to give to charity:

  1. You might need charity yourself one day.
  2. It’s good karma.
  3. Last but not least, there’s tax benefits involved!
Have a great Thursday!

This post was written by Shanni Elcock, social media manager at Believe Digital, @shandogspeaks