We’ve already introduced you to RockStar Motel and the way in which it works; however, we got the opportunity to correspond with the man behind it all, Mr Luca Sacchetti, with a view to finding out more about his new social music network.

A former musician, Luca, has combined technology with his experience on the creative side of the industry to create a social music network, unique in its ability to give fans and artists unprecedented access to the music industry.

“As a former artist, I know it’s hard to create music when you are encumbered by the business and politics of the industry. By opening up the opportunity to share, preserve and promote music to the fans, artists have a new freedom to stay focused on making music. That’s why we’ve created RockStar Motel. The fans’ passion for music, harnessed by RockStar Motel, enables musicians to develop and advance their sound and their careers.” – Luca Sacchetti, CEO & Founder of RockStar Motel

Q. RockStar Motel is described as a social music network – how did the idea for the site come about?

In the late 1980’s and 1990’s I was in a band that toured through the US and Canada for ten years. When I hung up the microphone, I started working  in real estate and drove  20 hours a week. On one of these drives, I was thinking back to my music-days and the ups and downs of it all.  Suddenly, the idea for RockStar Motel struck. I knew I was being called back to my original passion, but in a dramatically different role.

Q. Can you tell our readers a bit more about what RockStar Motel is, and what services the site provides to users?

RockStar Motel offers music fans a chance to sign and represent their favorite artists.  Fans can build a roster of artists they love, promote them through their network, and get points for doing it.  The more a fan promotes, the more points they get, and the more points they get, the more visible they are on RockStar Motel.  Not only this, but they have the opportunity to help new bands launch their careers.  This in turn creates a system that encourages artists to reward their fans for spreading their tunes.  Because of this, we’re making actively searching for new music extremely important for the fan while at the same time leveling the playing field for artists everywhere by encouraging fans to listen to them.

Q. How does RockStar Motel differ from other music sites (or social networks) out there, for example MySpace?

The original Myspace was all about connecting with artists and listening to music.  Since then, MySpace has lost focus. There are a lot of good sites out there for listening to music, but they all lack an involved, active form of participation.  We want to give fans a reason to share good music, and the opportunity to connect with artists on a real, personal level.

Q.What does your site offer to an artist that differs from services available to other users?

RockStar Motel gives artists the most valuable form of promotion possible – fans. We supercharge fans so they gladly promote on an artists behalf.

In addition, artists have access to in depth analytics that allow them to see who their reps are, what they’re listening to, and what their reps have done for them.  With this information, artists will be fully ready to reward their fans that work hard in any way that they choose.

Q. Your aim is to put the artists’ success in the hands of the fans. What effect do you think this will have on the industry?

We’re hoping that it helps transition the industry from the current “top-down” system to a  “bottom up” ecosystem. Fans know what’s good, but within the current system a lot of talented artists never get a break because the online market is so diluted, and standard radio-play is really lacking variety and diversity. We’re giving all artists a shot, and letting the people decide who should be successful. 

Q. If you’re a completely new artist, how do you generate fans on the site?

Just like fans can, new artists create promo packs of their band to send out to people who you think will like their music. We provide tools and information to help identify those people. We’re taking away a lo of the guesswork and the legwork.

Q. What’s the incentive for fans to put hard work into an artist and promote their music – do they get rewarded by you/the artist?

That’s the idea.  We don’t want to force artists to give anything away, but we definitely encourage it.  By allowing artists to see who their top fans are and what exactly they’ve done through promotion, the band can contact those fans directly through the site, talk to them, and maybe even throw some free stuff their way. We are putting tools in place where artists can spend a really fun “thank-you” to their top reps.

Fans also get the benefit of exploring new music, and the pride that accompanies being a true tastemaker. The really dedicated fans on RockStar Motel will definitely feel some real-world benefits.


Q. What do you think the response will be from record labels when the site launches in October?

I think record labels will embrace it!  We aren’t taking anything from them.  We are selling their music, and promoting their artists. In a large sense, RockStar Motel, and our users, are really doing their job for them. Who wouldn’t like that?

Artists who come to RockStar Motel, aren’t signing away their rights, or making any type of exclusivity agreement. We’d be thrilled if labels pick up the talent that emerges from our site – thrilled! The R&D potential of RockStar Motel is enormous for labels. 

Q. How can a user use the site to discover new music?

Connect with friends and share your favorite artists. Love a specific artist? Check out that artist’s reps, you’ll probably have similar tastes. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to hear awesome new music. With a few of our features coming soon, bands might even start reaching out to users directly.  The discovery opportunities are endless.

Q. Finally, what advice would you give to a new artist trying to acquire a loyal and increasing fan base?

I’d say start simple – ask your family, friends and known fans to sign and rep you on RockStar Motel, let them work on your behalf. Be active and interact.  Your fans want to feel like a part of your band, and in a way they are.  They come to the shows, they buy your music, and they support you every day.  Talk to them, give them new content, reward them for their work, and let them know that you know they exist.  This keeps current fans happy and draws potential fans in.


This interview was researched and structured by guest blogger, Jess Boyer (@JessRoseBoyer)