“ Everything’s digital now. It’s the age of the geek…”

Believe Digital will be hosting a digital seminar / training day in London on Thursday 21 July, 2011 where we’ll be discussing technology, release strategy, social media, pricing and more… Hopefully everything you need to know for releasing music in the digital age.

Right now at Believe we eat, sleep and breathe digital; that’s why our tech team works year round developing and improving our tools and Backstage Area, why we work with Google and YouTube to create digital promotions and marketing campaigns and why we’ve got knowledge to share…

Our digital training day will not be a presentation of our tools and services, we will be sharing our knowledge with you on the best way to handle a release including creating and implementing digital promo and sales promotions and how to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns, community management and, that ever present meta-data, of course.

Please note that invitations to this event are strictly limited, so check your inbox and don’t forget to RSVP.


Due to an unfortunate double booking at our venue, we will no longer be hosting a Digital Training Day on Thursday 21 July, 2011.