Believe will be present at Midem 2008.

Booth SPPF : 08.02/10.01
Contact us to have a meet.

Denis Ladegaillerie : Believe’s CEO :

Arnaud Chiaramonti : Co-founder :

Nicolas Laclias : Head of the A&R

Laure Duhard : A&R :

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  • We exhibited at Midem 2008 as I-Slam! Entertainment we were located at Booth 14.21 We are currently in search of Alliances with Distribution Partners to assist us in providing our content to the Physical, Mobile and Digital worlds as we are coordinating full scale promotional campaigns for 6 Worldwide releases ( as well as the Branding of our Company) that we have scheduled for this year. Can you please help us with these matters? We are a independent label who’s management has a wealth of experience in charting indie releases since the 1990’s I have enclosed a short song sampler for this unique niche brand. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail with your reply or any questions that you may have. Thank you in advance.

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