Becoming a featured artist – How can you benefit?

When thinking about development as an artist, making the most of any opportunity is hugely important for both reputation and ability development. One of these opportunities that may arise is to be a featured artist with a producer or band. The process of making your mark, and adding your voice over the top of a band or producers piece of music is an opportunity you should always make the most of, and here’s why…

Becoming heard

Whether you are a completely undiscovered artist just starting out, or an artist that has been around the block, becoming heard is a great advantage of being a featured artist. The producer or band that you are featuring with may have a great loyal fan base out there really excited to hear the track. By featuring with them, this is a great opportunity to gain more fans for yourself, which may carry over from that band/producer as they associate you with their favourite act. This ultimately helps you as an artist to reach out to new and further publics to help gain new fans, whilst also showing your talent to the world.

Broadening boundaries

Featuring with a band/producer on their track could encourage you to be lead out of your comfort zone, featuring on a different genre that you’re used to which will only broaden your boundaries, and lead to a wider audience/fan-base. By broadening your approach and featuring on a genre you may not quite be used to, will only positively develop you as an artist becoming experienced in different areas. Not only is this great for development, but also for your artist portfolio/CV for any future projects.


Expanding work base & recommendations

Expanding your work base by featuring with other bands/producers creates more contacts for you as a music professional/artist, helping to get your name heard in the circuit. If all successful, the chances are these bands or producers will highly recommend you as an artist to others as someone to work with. This will be because of both your talent and ease to work with. This will rapidly help to expand your credibility and size as an artist, becoming someone on target lists for other projects to feature on. The more featured on, the more effective and rapid all of these points become.

When thinking about featuring as an artist with a band or producer, the steps to take in order to do so may seem more complex than reality. Think about suitability, do your skills suit the skills/brief listed? Remember, don’t just stick to your comfort zone, broadening your boundaries in terms of genre is a hugely healthy thing to do in terms of development as an artist. There are examples of collaborating artists that fit in to different genres, including high profile acts such as: Coldplay Ft. Rihanna – Princess of China as well as lower profile acts: The Jesus and Mary Chain Ft. Hope Sandoval – Sometimes Always. These two level feature songs show how it works at any stage of your career/fame level, whether a global artist, big within a scene, or even upcoming, this is a great way to boost an artist career and show how broad you are as an artist.

This article has been written by Jamie Ford from Music Gateway – Connecting music professionals globally through targeted project opportunities.