Music Gateway Launch Killer New Design Features

Music Gateway is proving to be one of the most exciting platforms to hit the music industry for years,

it’s very encouraging to see such rapid development and further progress towards their goal as the

No1 global marketplace for music business.” Andy Ellis, PRS for Music

Slick new start up Music Gateway excels by delivering brand new design and feature improvements to their unique business platform. Following recent private investment, valuing the company at an impressive £1million, Music Gateway continues to be at the forefront of innovation with their ever-evolving marketplace. The total design overhaul is not just about the aesthetics, but also it’s core functionality driven by customer feedback and data. It is clear to see that when the users spoke, the company listened and now a plethora of functionality improvements accompany enhanced workflow within the site.

New features include the opportunity to add music whilst pitching for project work, simplified project creation tools and full Soundcloud integration.


• Numerous Pro Level benefits

• An improved messaging & notification system

• Redesigned & improved profile design and features

The platform now allows users the ability to rearrange audio tracks, easily edit track names, and play music through the redesigned music player; saving time and creating a better workflow. The new centralised mail and notifications system enables users to specifically see unread messages within any area of the site and archives old messages when projects are completed. The direct and easy navigation breaks down the messages into workspace and projects, creating an effective timesaving tool. Overall, the platform has become much more streamlined and easy to navigate by primarily focusing on improving the users’ experience.

“The latest design of Music Gateway is our most refined version of the website to date. But it’s not just the design overhaul that sets the site apart; it’s the thought and consideration that has gone into its functionality. Every part of the site has been thought about and considered to make sure that it’s actually useful. We have spent a lot of time talking and listening to what our users like and dislike about Music Gateway to make sure that our latest version of the site actually enhances their experience.” Phil Carr, COO & Director – Music Gateway

Pro Level users will see even further improvements to their exclusive benefits such as private pitching, higher ranking when pitching, the ability to assign audio to a pitch, along with the usual benefits of increased online storage, increased allowance of monthly pitches and no connection fees. See more of these Pro Level Benefits.

Music Gateway is an essential tool for any music industry professional looking to conduct business and further their career. To find out more about the benefits of using the platform visit