Listening to music on Facebook is not an easy job. There are certain technical restrictions built into the platform, designed to limit music streaming tools within the website.

Therefore, we have worked with Facebook to develop a player that is secure and efficient and will allow you and your fans to share your music on Facebook, on users’ walls, via the internal messaging and more.

Making use of this new tool could not be easier, simply paste the URL of your BelieveBand profile into Facebook and the pop up widget shown below will appear. E.g.

This tool is available free of charge, to make use of it, simply set up your BelieveBand profile from your Believe Backstage area.

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  • How to use Believe Player on Facebook:

    Go to your Facebook Fan Page and click “edit page”.
    Go to the “Apps” tab and select “Browse more applications” from the bottom of the page
    Enter “Believe Player” into the search tab and proceed to the app page
    On the application page click “Add to my Page” and select which Fan Page you’d like to add the Player to
    Return to your Fan Page and click “edit page”
    Go to the “Apps” tab, find the Believe Player and click “Go to application”
    To set up the player, enter your album’s UPC code or search by the artist’s name, when you have selected the album you wish to play, click “save”.
    There you go! The Believe Player has now been installed on your Facebook page.

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