The new and improved Believe player is now available in your Believe Backstage area.

Your Backstage area has been updated today with the new player, which has been given a design and functionality overhaul to improve the visual impact and uses of the player for your music!

What does this mean for you?

The new player is the best tool to convert your audience and fanbase into digital customers and can be implemented across all web applications. When featured prominently on your website, Facebook or MySpace page they are heavily used and often convert 10-30% of users clicking on a store link into paying customers.

The major changes to the player are listed below:

A preview of the new player is available here: Test Player

Quicker : the new player is quicker to load and will always display the correct local store link for your fans based on the location of their IP address.

More Practical : The improved player will now display your entire discography in one place, there is no longer any need to embed different players for each individual release.

More Customisable: Pick any background image, you no longer just have the option of using your artwork and there is a huge choice of colours available to suit.

More Complete: Link your player with your social networks and the player will automatically update news, videos and more from your feeds online ; YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, MySpace, Facebook and more …

More Viral: With direct links to the major social networking tools; MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, your fans can link to keep up to date with all your 2.0 activities.

Finally, the improved player is the first stage in a brand new complete CRM solution which we will be launching next week. The newsletter tab enables you to start collecting email addresses from your fans which will be available in your Believe Backstage area. You will be able to contact your fans directly with personalised newsletters.

All of these functions can be configured from your Believe Backstage area.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in creating the best service and tools for you, please don’t hesitate to sent us any suggestions, criticism or feedback that you think may help us improve Believe for the future.

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