We are very happy to have rolled out a new Backstage interface for all our clients, since mid-December.

As well as now having an updated modern design, the biggest change we have improved statistics and analytics (Daily Trends and Digital Charts), powered by Datamusic. 

The new platform allows to monitor the performance of audio releases, providing in-depth stats across streaming and downloads.

Some of the new features include:
– Audience targeting: analyse your audience by identifying the location of your listeners.
– Sources: Where are you fans listening from? User catalogues, recommendations, playlists?
– Indicators of consumption: Determine the amount of users who have synchronised your music and have listened to it offline, and how many have listened to the entire track or have skipped it.
– Context of use: view users’ listening habits.
– Analysis of Trends: Daily monitoring of songs, albums, artists, labels, ringtones…

And many more to come !

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