This year, more than half of the Grammy nominations went to independent labels and artists.

In the 50 plus years since the Grammys’ started, ‘indies’ have never received this many nods of approval for their work. Hence creating a real shock effect on the night when it turned out that these nominations were more than mere nods – many of those independent nominees actually won their categories.

Shock aside, congratulations are in order to all the winners, especially the independent contingent, which includes Arcade Fire, La Roux and Esperanza Spalding.

We believe that these wins are, if anything a sign of the times and proof of the strength of digital distribution. In this age of music discovery and sharing, everyone has the chance to be heard. Justin Bieber’s quick ascent to superstardom last year is proof of social media power as much as any study. With further examples of social media power being Lady Gaga having more followers on Twitter than US President, Barack Obama, and subsequently breaking new records with her recent release Born This Way, which ascended to iTunes number one slot within five hours of being released.

The Grammy Awards also highlighted the new music industry’s desire to stay on top of technology and how it is subsequently evolving and taking steps in the right direction by embracing social media and apps in 2011 in their entirety.

The Social Media Rock Star Summit, held during Grammy-week, for example,  which featured rapper Chamillionaire and American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert, discussed the concept of  Social Media Rockstars.

The 2011 Grammy’s signalled the dawn of what could be a new era: the age of independent labels, driven by tech.

So get online, connect and take your chance to be heard.

This post is by Believe Digital Social Media Manager Shanni Elcock @shandogspeaks


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