BartDavenportPitchfork´s acclaimed artist, Bart Davenport is releasing his awaited album “PHYSICAL WORLD” a culmination of 60´s soul mood, 80´s guitar sound and soft-rock, covered with a unique and timeless crooner voice. Bart´s origins in Oakland, California and roots in the 90s garage and blues scene settle his style of beautiful pop songs speaking of life and love in the modern world with sincerity and a subtle sense of humor. Whitest Boy Alive and Kings of Convenience singer, Erlend Øye, has called him the “best one-guy-and-guitar performer there is”. The album shows a blend of inspirations/sounds ranging from Northern Soul/Motown legacy to catchy dance floor tunes and also includes tales of isolation in the big city. This sort of juxtaposition is what sets Davenport’s work apart from his peers; harmonic sophistication with a deceptively fun feel and all the while, a sense of melancholy lurks beneath the surface. The overall sensation of the album is a feeling of: humble and triumphant. The same contrast is captured in Freddy Cristy’s cover art: A cartoon superhero is perched on the edge of a building, not fighting crime at the moment, just changing a guitar string.