Primavera is where all the industries professionals meet giving the perfect opportunity to network and take a first hand look at the latest trends in the music scene. The festival is aimed at a number of different professionals in the industry from agents and representatives of national and international artists, venues for fairs concerts and festivals, public institutions responsible for culture and entertainment, music export offices and organisations that promote music internationally.

There will be various talks and presentations from leading industry professionals such as Dave Altarescu (Spotify), Joseph MBarbat (Sony Music), Leo Nascimento (Deezer), Lee Morrison (Believe Digital) and more.

Believe Digital UK’s General Manager Lee Morrison will be a guest on the panel Show Me The Money! discussing how to collect money generated by music abroad. The speakers will talk about music music played publicly around the world, and how the revenue generated by that being are collected unfairly and not distributed to the people that it is owed to. It is time to let the right people collect their revenue.