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QRATES launched in April 2015 allowing artists and labels to create funding projects to press and pre-sell their vinyl records. Funding projects can be launched for free along with integrated digital promotion tools to help drive funding. Projects that reach their predetermined funding goal set by the artist/label, get their vinyl pressed and delivered. Since launch, over 1000 projects have been created by artists and labels worldwide, and many have successfully delivered their vinyl releases to their fans.

Recently QRATES have launched “Store Delivery”, a new program that enables artists and labels to distribute their vinyl directly from the pressing plant to a network of record stores worldwide. 

Store Delivery aims to redefine vinyl distribution for both artists/labels and record stores by offering an open and fair B to B marketplace. Featured record store partners at launch include Jetset, HMV Record Shop, Technique in Japan and Juno Records, the largest online record store in Europe, totaling a network of over 200 physical record shops and buyers. Other global partnerships including stores in the US are set to release in Spring of 2016 and expansion to 1000 stores globally by 2018. More info on QRATES store delivery