Explaining how the success of a release is built is one of the multiple features of DataMusic analytics in your backstage. We are going to teach you how to analyse the source of your streams. You will then be able to analyse your catalog view based on the most playlisted tracks.

    Opening Datamusic to analyse playlists as source of streams


First step

Connect to DataMusic and analyse the source of streams. Click on “Analytics” > “Daily Trends” > Choose a period of time with the calendar on the top.


How to understand the origin of the streams ?

  1. Load the period you need.
  2. Click on “Top Playlisted Tracks”
  3. Observe the % Total for a first impression: were playlists the origin of a high percentage of streams?


KEY METRIC : < % Total > is a calculation of the total amount of streams generated by this playlist, compared to the total amount of streams generated and reported in your request.


     Loading playlist info by track


How to understand the impact of a playlist on a track ?

  • Start at the global overview as previously
  • Click on “Top Playlisted Tracks” again
  • Click on one of the tracks – this opens a new tab
  • Click on Sources to load this type of data
  • Observe again the < Total % > column: check how much of a percentage do the top playlist represent
  • Scroll down to observe the global Streaming Source repartition and find the % of this track’s streams originated from playlists
  • Scroll further down to find this global Streaming Source repartition in Graph form – play around by turning on/off the various sources


Reminder of the different sources of streams :

Search : The listener used the search bar to access your song

Playlist Page : The user went on a playlist to listen to your song

Artist Page : The stream comes from the artist page on the platform

Album page : The stream comes from the album page on the platform

User Collection : The stream comes from a user’s personal library

Recommendation : The user got this track suggested by the platform

Others : Other minor stream sources

Please note : You can apply the same method to understand the impact of a playlist on an artist by clicking on one of the artists to open an artist-focused tab.


Next article : Let’s dig further in with CSV files and a case study.


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