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DATE OF EVENT: 13 December 2014
LOCATION: Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London

  • Paul Saunders, Director of London Westbank Gallery
  • Jonny Lee, Founder of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation
  • Andrew Bingham, MP for High Peak
  • Jo Hook, UK Director of Temwa

This Saturday 13 December, the Houses of Parliament open their doors for the second ‘Smile Britannia’ – a groundbreaking night where some of the UK’s best contemporary and urban artists will auction off their work to support projects improving lives across the globe.

Last year pieces from Banksy, Nick Walker and Shepherd Fairey went under the hammer, raising over £80,000 for outstanding causes. This year the collection features works by leading artists including Nick Walker, Goldie, Inkie, Copyright and Turner Prize winner Richard Long, and Banksy.

Works from prestigious contributors such as Richard Long CBE, one of the best known British land artists and the only artist to have been nominated for a Turner Prize four times, will be auctioned alongside work from world renowned street artists Banksy and Nick Walker.

Smile Britannia is thrilled to launch the very first limited edition Nick Walker Figurine, ‘Vandal Vs Parliament,’ which has never before been released. The auction will be hosted by Babyhead front man, Tom Mauger, with breaks being dropped by DJ’s every time a lot is sold!

The ‘Smile Britannia’ collaboration between London Westbank Gallery, the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation and Temwa has already helped thousands of people around the world with the money raised at last year’s event.

The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation continued to make a difference through dance music with 413 DJ’s performing ‘Sets For Peace’ in over 43 countries for ‘Peaceday’. They also helped fund a clean drinking water project in rural India, benefiting thousands of people.

The London Westbank Gallery worked with a social enterprise called the ‘Goldfinger Factory’ to empower disadvantaged communities in London through art, providing young people with new skills and increased confidence.

Finally, Temwa trained over 1,400 Malawian farmers in sustainable agricultural practices who are now able to feed their families and pass this training on to future generations to come. The charity also supported groups of vulnerable HIV positive teenagers to access vital information on health, reproduction and nutrition.

Jonny Lee, Founder of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation commented: “This event being able to take place at the Houses of Parliament helps us to raise money through art for the people who need it and shows us how much has changed, how the barriers have come down. We never thought dance music and graffiti art would be invited into the House of Commons and now here we are. Together we’re making a difference through art, to those who need it most.”

Paul Saunders, Director of London Westbank Gallery said: “Art is an incredible way to break through to the youth of today – a lot of them are just trying to survive and don’t have time to think about art. People from different sides of the fence are coming together to change that.”

At the event, high profile guests from the art, fashion and music worlds will unite for a common cause, to make a difference to some of the poorest communities in the world. Artists will donate pieces that celebrate diversity and contrast, breaking down barriers and reaching out to the youth of today.

Andrew Bingham, MP commented: “I am delighted to support this unique event and I hope it will raise lots of money for the cause. To have so many artists represented in Parliament at this auction is incredible, a very positive display of generosity.  I was asked to support the event by Mike Weatherley MP and looking at the work of the organisations involved I was delighted to be able to help.”

Jo Hook, UK Director of Temwa commented: “It really is a remarkable event, holding a charity art auction with this high caliber of artists, inside the houses of parliament is an incredible thing. The atmosphere in 2013 was electric; we’re all looking forward to the 2014 event. Being to raise such a substantial amount of money for such worthy cause through such a unique event is a wonderful thing.”

Tickets to the event cost £100 plus booking fee available to buy by emailing  Please note, due to capacity tickets are strictly limited. Online, phone and reserve bidding will be available this year so if you’re not able to attend you can still win a piece of history! Join this momentous occasion and help make history.

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