We’re going fan-base crazy all month long on BlogBelieve!  That means we’ll be taking a close look at all our fan-base building tools, in addition to other considerations for fan communication.

Every musician and label needs fans

To kick things off, we decided to take a look at connecting with fans online, and in the process of our research, we found a super useful article, so we got permission from the good folks at Mashable to re-issue this article :

How Musicians are Using Social Media to Connect with Fans – A Mashable Article

Today’s musicians, both mainstream and indie, are using social media to connect with fans, build anticipation, and generate revenue in new and unique ways.

But how are these artists reaching their new fan bases online through social channels? Much like the business world, social media promotion for musicians is still a very new game, with no exact recipe for platinum success.

There are however, some innovations being put forth, and a new connection is being formed between artists and fans — a connection that empowers both to give each other what they are looking for.

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Our Conclusion:

While the above article was written from a musician’s perspective we find that it can be useful to both labels and artists; it gives labels a more clear perspective on what musician’s are doing online, as well as providing fresh ideas for their own fan-base building strategies.

Ideas like using fan creativity and reaching out to non-music bloggers are great tasks that labels can undertake to find more fan support, not just for their artists, but for themselves as well.

Furthermore, it provides insight into just how intense an activity staying in contact with a fan-base can be in today’s digital world.


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This post was re-published by BlogBelieve with permission from Mashable.com