Hook & The Twin - Never Ever EverArtist: Hook & The Twin
Release: Never Ever Ever
Label: Dancing Coins
Release Date: June 2013
Picked by: Victor Conradsson – Training Officer

Ah… one can get immune to standardised pop music, barely good enough to cover the sounds of washing machines in launderettes, but this pop will pop through you no matter what, and make your launderette erm… beautiful.

Catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics, frenzied rhythms, clever production recalling the innovations of kraut-rock and the current productions of James Murphy, Bot’Ox and Joakim, and yet manages not to sound nu-ravey.

More adventurous than Phoenix, more energetic than Metronomy, and ruder than The Chap (ha.), both Hook & the Twin deserve to be heard. – Victor Conradsson