[VIDEO] How to use comments to interact with your audience ?

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Comments play a key role in creating a good relationship with your audience and also in the  growth of your community. Since last year, YouTube has deployed new features that aim to help with the moderating of comments on your videos. Here’s how to use them to build loyalty with your fans.   Here are the new features … Read More

[VIDEO] Live Stream Best Practices (1/2)

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While live streaming has been around for a while now, only in the last year or so has this particular form of online video become immensely popular. In fact, 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than they did in 2015. So it’s the perfect time to first experience live … Read More

Video Marketing 101 for Labels – Part 1

Exploring the awesome videos made by marketers to create lessons for record labels Top 3 Viral Video Campaigns – Lessons for Labels Viral videos – we’ve all seen them: they’re the ones that get Tweeted and Facebooked and Stumbled like crazy. They’re buzz worthy: most of them are funny, some emotional, and some are just … Read More

Make the most of YouTube with Believe

In February, we announced that we’d inked a deal with YouTube to improve our label’s online experience, since then we’ve rolled out a new service to our labels and it’s high time we explained it to everyone. Guide to Believe’s YouTube Services Comprised of four levels of service, Believe’s YouTube service, helps labels by creating … Read More