We are passionate and experienced employees.


Developing the best tools for distribution, reporting, and market intelligence.

Support specialists

A team of local support specialists speaking more than 10 differents languages.

Trade marketing experts

Building the best strategies across stores to maximise the impact of releases.

Video channel managers

A dedicated department who are specialists in building audiences and monetisation strategies across video platforms.

All you need is love.

Label manager

Your Label Manager is your primary point of contact. From relationship management to release strategy creation and marketing, your Label Manager will ensure your catalogue is fully optimized everywhere.

Support specialist

Your Support Specialist will look after catalog integration, the release compliance with digital services, as well as any other content related issues.

Video channel manager

Your Video Channel Manager is your video content specialist. They will advise on how to build successful and sustainable video channels across video platforms.

Trade marketing manager

Your Trade Marketing manager serves as a point of contact for all retail stores. They will negotiate the store positioning of your releases and maximise editorial support.

A worldwide distribution network.

Because international sales account to a significant amount of your label’s revenue, you need the support of our local teams on the ground in each key territory worldwide. Local Trade Marketing teams have access to key services and can leverage their local market share and contacts to properly position your releases.

Our commitments

Dedicated music professionals at your service to develop your digital strategy. Honesty, transparency and efficiency are our core values.