EMI’s been taken over by Citibank, Newscorp is trying to sell Myspace and music sales are down. Everywhere we look there are signs of the decline of the music industry.  And the media blood-hounds won’t let us forget it.

The worrying daily headlines ignore one thing: music itself is neither dead nor dying.

While it may seem that technology kick-started the deus ex machina of the music industry’s decline via digital downloads and file sharing, the fact remains that technological innovations have made massive contributions to music.

Damon Albarn’s revelation that the Gorillaz’ newest album The Fall was made using about 20 apps on his iPad brought on a major epiphany: Apps!

Okay, we admit everyone’s always known about apps and that the epiphany was more like: ‘Wow, they make brilliantly efficient brilliant mini-studios!’ Digressions aside, we present our list of our favourite 5 apps for on-the-go music producers and creators.

  1. Nanostudio
  2. Music creation app Nanostudio
    Music creation app Nanostudio

    Blip Interactive’s Nanostudio has lots to offer to a producer on-the-go. Described by one reviewer as ‘GarageBand Pro for your iPhone’, this app not only allows you to create tracks using its four synths and drum/machine sampler, it allows you to wirelessly transfer sound files to your computer.

  3. Filtatron
  4. Filtatron App
    Filtatron- Mobile Studio

    A mobile analogue synthesiser created by Moog, the Filtatron allows you to manipulate any song in your collection, including original music, with FX and an oscillator. Filtatron efficacy is furthered by a settings panel which allows you to set the sample rate, audio latency and control response rate.

  5. Uloops
  6. Uloops Music Composer
    Uloops Music Composer with FX

    Uloops offers quite a range of features to music creators: voice recording, synths, drum kits, modulator and FX. More than that its cloud based architecture has evolved into a thriving community of producers and remixers, allowing you to share music with the community and adapt the work of others.

  7. MooCowMusic range
  8. PianoPro
    MooCowMusic's Piano Pro

    MooCowMusic has a range of apps, each centred on a different instrument: Pianist, Pianist pro, guitarist, bassist, band and organist to help you create. Useful as musical notepad while away from the studio or as your instrument while jamming with friends, MooCowMusic’s app range also support MIDI output to desktop apps.

  9. FingerBeat
  10. FingerBeat
    FingerBeats Mobile Studio

    Similar to an older version of FruityLoops, FingerBeat is easy to understand and simple to use. With features ranging from downloadable sound packs, a MultiTouch Mixer and voice recording, FingerBeat, balances out its functionality by allowing you to export your creations to hard disk or email them to yourself.

Although a high majority of these apps are for Apple products (the office is filled with Apple geeks), music making apps have reached the Android sphere with apps like Christopher Souvey Musical Pro, mob-dev Hit It! and niko twenty ReLoop. So get downloading and you can make music anywhere.

This post is by Believe Digital Social Media Manager Shanni Elcock @shandogspeaks

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