Even if your video content isn’t in your native language it might interest an international audience. But can you tailor the content towards them and customize it so it feels at home in their language as well as your own? Luckily for us, Youtube have implemented some handy tools to help you reach those fans. Recent improvements include the possibility to allow your fans to translate your titles and descriptions. The world is yours !


Youtube Confirms: 2/3rds of your channels views come was abroad. 

Use the demographics tab in the analytics section to identify the whereabouts of your viewership. There is a large chance that the viewers will originate from countries with a different language. 

This barrier makes it hard not just for people to understand but also to locate your content. Collaboratives subtitles & metadatas.

Fortunately Youtube has new tools that allow us to adapt to this type of strategy. Collaborative subtitles and metadata.


Here are our 5 tips to help you reach your international audience: 


  1. Analyse your demographics.

With the example above you can see that a large share of the audience are located in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and France. 

In this case it may be worth translating your content into Spanish to cater for that audience but it is also possible to Portiguese, Italian and French if you so wish. 

  1. Modify your tags

It’s also worth translating your generic tags into the most spoken language of your audience too. 
(Go to the video manager > select all your videos > actions> other actions > tags > add) as well as the tags associated to your channel.

  1. Translate your sections and the name of your channel

This has already been explained.

  1. Translate the name of your video and the content of your videos 

It might already have been explained here but it can still be quite difficult to put a plan like this in motion. 

Our advice : To begin with you should apply these changes to your new videos first, then in regards to your back catalogue/ former videos choose to do the Top 10 or 20s. 

  1. Subtitles on your videos.

Last but not least you can reach out to your international community and propose they add their own translations and subtitles. 


NEWS : Collaborative Translated Metadatas

Some channels let fans contribute titles descriptions, subtitles and closed captions to their videos. They’re viewable on the video watch page and by clicking on the [CC] Icon in the player itself. 

Approved content belongs to the video owner, but you can get credit for your contributions on the video. 

Encourage your fans to participate towards your translation! Why? 

  • Translated meta-data is indexed in search and is surfaced to viewers who might otherwise find/understand the original version. 
  • There’s no action required as the feature will be launched automatically, but if the creator is not comfortable with metadata contributions they need to opt-out entirely. 

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