What is cross-promotion?

Cross-Promotion is a process where two Youtube channels decide to promote on another in some way.

The benefits of this form of collaboration are to share and grow each other’s Youtube audience.

It can be one of the most powerful ways to reach new audiences.

It allows you to reach visitors from another channel that match your own target and audience.


How to cross-promote effectively ?

Effective cross-promotion is about choosing the right channel to work with.


A great collaboration video on its own might attract some new fans, but combine it with a smart cross-promotion strategy and you have the opportunity to really grow your audience!

To help you achieving that, here is a list of tips that you can easily use.



  • Upload two different videos to one channel and playlist the other. This way, both audiences have a way to discover the collaboration and be introduced to the other.
  • Use cards and description links to provide viewers a way to navigate from one channel to the next.
  • Use a verbal call-to-action that directs to the other channel like “go check out our other video on X channel by clicking the link below” to guide viewers across channels.
  • Include collaborator’s channel info in your video’s title and description to help increase discovery when viewers search to find your collab.


A smart cross-promotion, has the potential to bring new viewers to your channel, so you might want to turn these viewers into fans.

You have to ensure they will come back again and subscribe to your channel.

  • At the end of a video ask viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Set up your channel to highlight videos new audiences may like best (e.g., put your best or most relevant videos in the top section and be sure you have a channel trailer).
  • Don’t stop uploading! You’ve done the work of getting these new viewers to your channel, give them a reason to come back regularly.



Review the Cards report to see how many people are clicking through to your collaborator’s channel.

Use the Traffic sources report to see how many new viewers are coming to your channel from the channel you cross-promoted with.

Review the Cards reports to see how many people are clicking through to your collaborator’s channel.


Additionnal Tips :

Multi-channel sections
If in addition to showcasing videos, you would also like to feature other channels, then you should consider using our multi-channel sections.
Multi-channel sections allow you to turn your channel into a single destination for viewers to access all of the other channels you own or love.


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