Exploring the awesome videos made by marketers to create lessons for record labels

Top 3 Viral Video Campaigns – Lessons for Labels

Viral videos – we’ve all seen them: they’re the ones that get Tweeted and Facebooked and Stumbled like crazy. They’re buzz worthy: most of them are funny, some emotional, and some are just car-crash epic (you know the ones you can’t help watching no matter how painful) a la Rebecca Black.

Quite a lot goes into making a video viral on YouTube, right from timing your upload to using the right meta-data, and of course great content.

This blog takes a look at the top three performing video marketing campaigns on the internet today based on performance and makes suggestions for labels looking to increase their online profile with videos.


According to Visible Measures, this week’s top three performing viral video ad campaigns are as follows:

Evian – Live Young

True Reach: 894,724

Why we think it works: 

In a word: babies.

Everyone loves them. It’s probably because they’re cute as heck, but babies and toddlers have massive amounts of sharing potential, think “Charlie Bit Me” or “Bob Marley Baby”, and you’d realise that kids don’t have to do much to be popular online – they just are.

How you can apply similar strategies as a label:

Baby rap battle?

Okay, okay, we jest – a baby rap battle is probably a bit extreme ( although if you DO manage to create such a video, post it on our Facebook wall or send it to us on Twitter post-haste!).

In all seriousness – incorporating little ones into video content is a great idea – it’s got mass potential because people either want to a) look at the cute babies b) watch the video and harp on about stage moms, or c) want to see babies doing cool stuff… and no matter why they watched it, if it’s good enough they will share it.

So grab a camera, put your 2-year-old in some massive head-phones, and let them deliver your catalogue for you.


Blendtec – Will it blend?

True Reach: 670,679

Why we think it works: 

It combines what we call ‘the Jackass Factor’ and interaction: the main premise of the ‘Will it blend’ series being that they put loads of random stuff into a blender, press the button and see if it will blend them (the Jackass Factor), and ask the audience for ‘Will it Blend’ challenges (the interactive).

You might want to watch a random video once or twice, but if you get to direct that randomness, you’ll definitely come again.

How you can apply similar strategies as a label:

There’s a whole host of ways for labels/ musicians to create their own ‘Jackass’ meets interaction-type videos, here are three suggestions:

  1. Create a studio sessions series, where the act performs a song, followed by a dare, based on fan suggestions. Ask the question, “What should [insert band name here] do next?” at the end of each video, and watch the suggestions roll in.
  2. Get your act to tour in the most absurd locations (I’m talking like the ball pool at your local park or in a cave when the tide’s gone out) and post the videos to YouTube, all the while inviting the audience to join you at the next gig and suggest more random locations.
  3. Get your acts to try out random jobs (post man one week, fashion intern the next, even gambling) and post video of them failing or succeeding (however it works out), with catalogued music for the backdrop – as always invite the audience to suggest jobs for them to try.

Heineken – The Date

True Reach: 612,506

Why we think it works: 

Dating is an issue for most people – if not now, it has been at some point in their lives, and is therefore, always really topical.

In fact the word ‘date’, as well as associated terms like ‘bad date’ or ‘find love’ must be SEO gold. Being able to insert terms like this in video tags, means that the video will appear, not just on YouTube searches, but in all sorts of search results, from those exploring the online dating sphere, to people who just really like dating shows.

Also, it’s pretty great content – Who wouldn’t love to go on that date?

How you can apply similar strategies as a label:

Bad date/Good date series.  If you’re a label with a mixed catalogue you’d probably do well by creating a fully theme-tracked series, which depicts both ‘bad’ and ‘good’ dates, complete with a song to remember it by.

Not to mention, it’s probably going to be massive amounts of fun, coming up with the worst (and best) dates you can think of and having them produced for video, with specific songs in mind.



There are literally great video ideas by the thousands online – and if you think hard enough, you will find a lesson somewhere that you can apply to your own video strategy as a label.

When creating a video content strategy, don’t limit your channel to music videos, try to create as much interesting, original content as possible that covers different formats (interviews, and lyric videos are also good).

You’ve got awesome resources in both your acts and your back catalogue, which will lend itself to all types of video content. Ask your acts what they like doing, and you might well find something that’s not just video worthy, but that people will want to watch.

Consider video tags and keywords when conceptualising and remember that topical doesn’t only mean current, it can apply to stuff that’s always topical like love, or even food.

And remember: creating video series is a great way to keep people coming back.


This post was written by Shanni Elcock, social media manager at Believe Digital, @shandogspeaks