In February, we announced that we’d inked a deal with YouTube to improve our label’s online experience, since then we’ve rolled out a new service to our labels and it’s high time we explained it to everyone.

Guide to Believe’s YouTube Services

Comprised of four levels of service, Believe’s YouTube service, helps labels by creating monetisation strategies and special marketing opportunities:

Level 1 – Audio Fingerprinting Delivery

This service tier, by far the most basic, gives labels and artists more control over their content on the YouTube system.

Believe delivers the catalogue to YouTube, allowing the automatic identification of all videos using the label in question’s content; from there Believe can clear up any ownership conflicts which might arise over content and monetise or remove any unauthorized content.

Level 2 – YouTube Channels & Videos Management

Proving to be the most popular service so far, Level 2 has a special focus on driving channel subscriptions up and channel visitors back to relevant social networks.

Perhaps the most popular part of level 2 is the extended customisation options available to our clients:

An Uncustomised YouTube Channel
A Customised YouTube Channel

Level 3 – Video Hits Management

Geared towards high priority releases, Level 3 service is a full promotional package for new music videos.

Comprised of SEO, promotional videos, marketing and video ranking, the service is rounded out by maximising the sales potential of the track by adding buy links.

Below is a promotional lyric video for Colonel Reyel, who became the 2nd most watched musician on YouTube in March 2011, after we took over his channel and videos management.

Level 4 – Believe Channels’ Broadcasting

Believe has also created genre-specific channels on YouTube to broadcast their labels’ music. Labels signed on to Level 4 benefit from a higher monetisation rate, guaranteed audience and the cross marketing opportunities, available to our channels.

See, for example, our French office’s metal channel, below:

For more information on Believe’s YouTube service please email Shanni, who manages Believe’s YouTube service for the US and UK branches.